Products printed in due to ecologic inks used, are suitable for all types of premises.
They can be exhibited in-home and in other most demanding environments, such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, pharmacies, hospitals and others.

Our inks unlike other (solvent, eco solvent) are not harmful to your health, as they contain no harmful volatile substances.

Printing with gives you guarantee of innocuousness for indoor applications.

Fine Art Prints

FINE ART PRINT is our ultimate superior quality and durability mark.
By using DECO Premium Ultra pigment ink and high-quality substrates, we get prints with 200 years UV-resistance durability. Wide color gamut is achieved by the use of up to 10 ink colors.

Print FINE ART PRINT is a recognized means of reproduction throughout the world. This type of printing is also referred to as Giclee.

Our print quality compared to others

DECO Premium Ultra DECO Premium Popular prints
Ink colours used 10 colours 6 colours
Ecology Green printed
100% Eco Green Printed
Green printed
100% Eco Green Printed
Not eco green printed
UV resistance ***** ***--
Water resistance ****- *****
Suitable for color prints ***** ****-
Suitable for BW prints ***** ***--
Ink type Pigment Latex Solvent, Ecosolvent
Products suggested Canvas prints | Posters On Foamboard (POF) | Posters (FineArt) Posters -

* PCV direct prints use 4-colour inks

Other popular prints...

Ink colours used
Ecology Not eco green printed
UV resistance
Water resistance
Suitable for color prints
Suitable for BW prints
Ink type Solvent, Ecosolvent
Products various

Print qualities explained

DECO Premium Ultra

The highest quality.

Up to 200 years UV-resistance when printed on chosen substrates - marked with Fine Art Print logo: Fine Art Prints
Prints are 100% ecologic and odorless. 10-colour pigment ink provides the widest range of colors.
The combination of a wider tonal range with high color accuracy and consistency allows to offer the highest quality prints.

A new level of quality for black and white printing is provided by dedicated B&W inks: "Light Black" and "Light Light Black".
We also use special "Matte Black" ink for matt substrates like Canvas ILFORD and ILFORD Fine Art Matt.
Matte Black provides a deep contrast, making prints to reach contrast levels not available for other inks that are on the market.

Quality assured by:

DECO Premium Ultra quality print

DECO Premium

High quality

Prints 100% organic and odorless. Suitable for all types of premises. Ink composition: 70% water, polymer latex and ground plasticizers. Flexible and resistance against abrasion.

Quality assured by:

DECO Premium quality print is to provide all types of fine decor for your interiors.

Our goal is to deliver only the greatest quality.
We specialize in custom prints on various substrates and items. team

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