1. Choose artwork and remember chosen design name - i.e #1 Club.
  2. Choose medium you want artwork to be printed on.
    We will need to know print type and substrate identifier, example: 3a
    Read more about print types, substrates and relevant identifiers:
  3. Choose dimension from available - they are shown below each artwork.
  4. Place an order by:
    • online contact form
    • email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • by phone call to (+353) 76 888 6865
    attaching necessary details:
    • your product full identifier, example: #1 Club / 3a / 50x70
    • your delivery address
    • your email
    • way you want to pay - PayPal or wire transfer
  5. You will get a message from us with order confirmation and Paypal payment order / bank account details for wire transfer.

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Deco.ie is to provide all types of fine decor for your interiors.

Our goal is to deliver only the greatest quality.
We specialize in custom prints on various substrates and items.

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